Moving Tips

Tips to make moving easy

How are you going to pack and move everything without breaking the bank, your belongings, or your back?

Know exactly where to start when moving.

Our expert professional movers & packers share their best tips.

Please read through our Dangerous Goods List and dispose of any flammable goods and prohibited items you may find.

1. Get rid of things you don't need.

The more unnecessary items you get rid of, the less stuff you’ll have to pack.

Donate or give away unwanted items & dispose of any broken items.

This purge will have the single biggest impact on the efficiency and ease of your entire packing process.

2. Set aside stuff to sell

You probably have items you no longer want, but could get some money selling.

Sell any unwanted furniture or items you don’t want or may be difficult to take with you.

3. Pack ahead of move

Packing little by little is far less stressful than trying to tackle it all in one day

You don’t want to deal with ripped boxes and broken valuables on the big day, so proper moving boxes are essential.

Check to see if you have original boxes for your electronics.

Quilted blankets and/or taped bubble wrap work well to protect TVs and similar delicate items.

4. Get Moving Boxes

Label your boxes by room & category.

Use small boxes for heavy items.

Use packing tape. Not to be confused with duct tape, packing tape is the heavy-duty, insanely sticky clear tape you see at the post office.

Stack and load boxes in groups according to the rooms indicated on the labels. Put all the kitchen stuff together, all the bedroom stuff together, and all the living room stuff together.

5. Fragile Items

Protect fragile items with packing paper, bubble wrap, or blankets.

Pack dishes vertically. wrap your plates and bowls in packing paper, gently place them into a box on their sides like records, and then fill the empty spaces with bubble wrap to prevent cracking and breaking.

5. Disassemble outdoor items

Disassemble any outdoor items such as swing sets, BBQs, trampolines etc and don’t forget to store and label all screws and bolts for easy assembly.

Disassemble any furniture that can be taken apart such as computer desks and display cabinets.

Refer to the user manuals for home appliances such as the fridge and washing machine to determine how they should be uninstalled and prepared for moving.

For when you get there

Use a clear plastic box with things you’ll need right away.

What ever you think you’ll need for the first day or night in your new home.

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